Skycrib Studios

photos by: Hiroyuki

Artist Statement

Photography is where I feel the most tranquil. It grants me the ability to experiment technically as well as artistically in how I view the world. Being somewhat obsessive, these photographs that I am presenting, are a visual documentation of my obsessiveness to capture the ever-changing skyline of the city of Toronto.

I am calling my style, ‘Macro-Flow Photography’. I am using the ‘technical’ definition of macrophotography but, I’m also having the photograph evoke a sense of movement. My photographs each melt together into a massive and distorted vision with its own original perspective.

I have been fortunate enough to have a downtown studio with a high balcony and a southeast view. The curious are invited to see a moment never to be duplicated. They can immerse themselves and almost feel the motion of a city that is growing and somewhat shrinking at the same time. The physical motion in my images is a literal translation of my movement with the camera as brush.

I do not edit these photos in post as they are unique in all their creation in camera. They express how I am inspired by this view.